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Home Maintenance Programs

Minchew & Company is proud to offer first-rate services through our “Home Maintenance Division”. We offer an inspection evaluation which will inform homeowners of current problem areas and potential areas of future concern, and we advise you of certain proactive measures that can be taken to head off significant repair costs. These detailed itemized reports help to determine what repairs need to be addressed immediately and what repairs are safe to address at a later time. Along with the report is an item by item cost sheet that allows the flexibility to tailor inspection findings to your budget. With your home, preventative care is the best care, as well as the most cost effective. Give Minchew & Company a call to set-up your Home Maintenance Division Inspection today!


If you choose to use us for any renvovations to your home, we will put the cost of the maintenance repairs towards your cost!


Listed are some examples that we offer but not limited to.

Exterior Repot:

  • Rotten wood (due to water damage)

  • Cracked caulking

  • Fireplace pan

  • Roofing (damaged shingles)

  • Foundation repairs (drains)

  • Paint

  • Gutters and downspouts

  • Air gaps in windows/doors

  • Power Washing

  • Driveway

  • Decking (flooring, handrail and supports)

  • Electrical and lighting

  • Window and door screens

  • Garage doors

  • Pest control prevention

  • Bush trimming

  • Spring/Fall/General Maintenance

  • Fence and Gate Repairs

  • Retrofit Handicapped Assistance Devices


Interior Report:

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • HVAC

  • Installation (attic and crawlspace)

  • Water heater

  • Smoke/Bulbs/CO Detectors

  • Exhaust fans (kitchen and bath)

  • Dryer vent cleaning

  • Paint (drywall, cracking, due to house settling)

  • Retrofit Handicapped Assistance Devices

  • Interior door sticking (due to settling)

  • Spring/Fall/General Maintenance

  • Window and door screens

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