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Providing Top Quality Revovations and Building...


Minchew and Company has been providing top quality building and remodeling in Atlanta for over 30 years.  


Top caliber remodeling projects are achieved by remodeling specialists who create excellent plans.  These plans are designed to meet the needs of their client, provide the best quality workmanship and materials, and involve considerable client input.  


Whether reconfiguring existing space or creating an addition to your home

a successful addition or renovation is elegantly seamed into your existing structure both inside and out.  


Click on each category or images to learn more and visit our Project Portfolio

The possibilities are limitless!  Let your basement be a reflection of your family’s lifestyle!

The “heart & soul” of your home. Kitchens are no longer used for just meal preparation, they have become social gathering areas for friends and family.

Create tranquil setting to turn your backyard into your family’s private retreat.  The new “Staycation”!

Families grow, so your home needs to also! Doesn't matter how small or large it is, Minchew & Company can do it!


Escape the demands of our hectic lives, into our elegant personal retreats.


Giving an existing home a facelift creates timeless elegance not effected by trends, while providing the ability to add exceptional value to your home.  


Innovation and creativity that provides a personalized space or feature that is uniquely yours.  

Custom built pieces, if you can't find it, we can build it!


Minchew & Company is proud to offer services through our “Home Maintenance Division”.

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